Separation – What Should I Do?

21 April 2010

My partner and I have separated. What should I do?

It is crucial that you obtain prompt legal advice after separation. A delay in obtaining legal advice may detrimentally affect your rights and entitlements.

Issues To Consider After Separation:

  • Do you need your interest in a property registered? If a property is not registered in your name a caveat may be necessary.
  • Are shares and bank accounts protected?
  • Has adequate protection been put in place to protect your rights over your partner's superannuation entitlements?
  • Is it appropriate for you to leave the matrimonial home? What are the consequences of leaving the matrimonial home?
  • Update your Will. Changes in circumstances may mean that you need to update your Will.
  • Are you a director of a family company and therefore liable for the company debts?
  • Are you a beneficiary of a Family Trust?

Will I Need To Go To Court?

At  Meerkin & Apel we understand the importance of settling matters in a commercial manner, A recent audit of our files indicates that less than 1% of all Family Law matters proceeded to a final hearing.